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NUTRAGUMS™️, food supplements we love to chew

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Nutrition Gummies

In the shape of cubs, with a good fruity taste… Gummies are soft food supplements that look like they are mistaken for sweets. A fun way to take care of yourself without thinking about it.

We’re melting for gummies! These candy-like chewing gums make the use of food supplements much more fun. Fruity flavors, soft textures and fun shapes clearly invite us to taste them for ourselves, without seeing them as an annoying constraint. And therein lies all their strength. Under this playful appearance, their lightness allows consumers to ingest them regularly without forgetting them, a prerequisite for their effectiveness. Discover the NUTRAGUMS™️ that make you want to devour them – be careful however, they are not candies!

Behind their innocent appearance, they hide an explosive cocktail. Plant extracts known to preserve health, associated with essential vitamins and natural antioxidants.

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